Dalai Lama: Tibetan Buddhism
The Dalai Lama provides a clearly written and accessible argument for a ‘standard Buddhist’ position on ethics, written for a contemporary Western audience.  He argues that although happiness does require that our basic material needs are met, material goods and technological advances will not make us happier and may indeed make us unhappy.  In his view, happiness is mainly about our attitude, about developing a sense of inner peace.
A good place to start is with his book Ethics for a New Millennium (Riverhead Books, 1999) and especially chapters 1 and 4.
Possible Western pairings: Aristotle’s Ethics, Book 1; Nozick’s experience machine experiment (from  Anarchy, State, and Utopia); Epicurus: The pleasant life; Epictetus: The life of self-control

Rick Ray, Ten questions for the Dalai Lama (movie, documentary)